Cryptoanimals is an exclusive NFT private collection created by the Mexican artist Alex Van Flowers and his team, minted on rarible and available on opensea too, this is a high value collection guided to medium-high size colletors.

The animals are inspired by multiple surrealism ideas that the artist has been tattooed or painted before.

we will create more animals so we hope you enjoy it and stay tunned! :D


About artist

HI! my name is Alejandro P. Flores a.k.a. Alex Van Flowers. I`m a tattoo artist based in Mexico City. 

I always liked the visual arts since i was a child and i have been created this collection of NFT`s for two main reasons: 1.Because is funny to create something like this and 2. Because i love and i believe in crypto assets as much as you, surely.

unnamed (48).jpg